"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world" - Archimedes

Since 2008, CTWorkshop and over 13,500 students have traversed a path where we:

Believe in ourselves

Why CTWorkshopWe believe that students who have fun learning, exploring, and making mistakes learn from their experience. Scaffold this experience with stories and challenges and voila, here they go… They are happier, more confident, independent, inquisitive and can achieve success, both in academics and beyond.  

Traditional academic curriculum has little opportunity for exploring… Few opportunities to ask questions, even fewer opportunities to try and make sense of the world. As students breathe life into their ideas, creations, and innovations begin to take form and shape and movement, they work harder to perfect their robot. They emerge from the class tired yet invigorated.

They believe that they can accomplish anything…

Believe that we can create or innovate anything

Mr Clean - Drain Cleaning RobotOur students have built many fun robots in class such as the Halloween Wicked Witch robot, the beach laz-a-bot, Mr Clean- the child replacement drain cleaning robot, Dr med – the medicine dispensor, Jungle birds – the warning robot, Uprite-spine straightener robot, Chicken-Cube to prevent salmonella poisoning, autistic students robot.. and many more.

Some of these robots were created over 2 classes, other over 4 months for robot competitions. Some ideas are based on topics or problems posed to students while others are student imagined and created.

Watch out …. here we come … a bunch of crazy yet happy inventors

Believe that we can make a difference in this world

Emoticon - Social Robot for Indian RailwaysWhen Aman created “emoticon”, Team Robosapiens (Aadiv, Adesh, Harsh, Jeet, Rahesh, and Sabhya) created “Shraavan-the temple stairclimber”, when R-factor (Aakarsh, Amay, Armaan, Arvind, Daneesh, and Shrey) created “Saffron- the stove controller”, Arvind, Hemani, and Nikeet “X-Sight: the air hockey for the blind”, or Rushab, Soham, and Yash created “DARWIN – Dancing Robot Wins for India” little did they realize that so much in their lives were going to change.

Our high school students today are taking their knowledge to Municipal Schools in and around Mumbai. On 2 occasions our teachers and students have had the opportunity to work with Agastya foundation. Others have stayed closer to home and mentored the younger students at CTW.

These students have won some lost some competitions … But for them thinking, innovating, creating is a way of life. Failure and success is a part of trying. Yet they come back every year to try something new….

They believe that they are going to leave a mark in this world. CTWorkshop bows to our students …

Believe that our teachers do not always have a solution

CTWorkshopOur interface cuts the learning curve while the projects identified allow for deeper understanding of the robot project and associated STEM concepts. As students build and program, they run across challenges in programming, construction, problem solving and application of ideas. The base robot is provided as a series of instructions: challenges are age and interest appropriate. Thus a student has a baseline they accomplish with ease which allows them to try and figure additional challenges.

But this is where our journey begins. Where we have so many questions, that not always our teachers have answers. Together we make sense of the world and learn new things.