Champion’s award: Asia Pacific Invitational, Sydney, Australia, July 2013

Team R-factor comprising of Aakarsh Gupta, Amay Saxena, Armaan Sheth, Arvind Ranganathan, Danesh Parwani, and Shrey Turakhiya were recognized for their efforts. Robot performance (570 points), Saffron (Project)

First Lego League

1st place Project: First Lego League, Open European Championship,  Paderborn, Germany, May 2013

Team Robasapiens’ project Shravan, a stairclimber for senior citizens by Aadiv Shah, Adesh Suri, Harsh Bhatt, Jeet Shah and Sabya Sehgal

1st place Project “Happy Feet:: First Lego League, Open European Championship,  Delft, Netherlands, May 2011

World Robot Olympiads

“ArGen” by Arvind Ranganathan, Hemani Kalucha, & Nikeet Dharia

Best in Technical Skills and 5th place, WRO, Malaysia, Nov 2012

National Awards

First Lego League

Indian Robot Olympiads

1st place project, FLLOEC, May 2013, Germany

1st place project, FLLOEC, June 2011, Netherlands

Best in Technical Skills, WRO, Phillipines, Nov 2010