College Bound

Inspiration from our student: Ms Trisha Shetty

It goes without saying that robotics at CTW provided me with one of the most enriching experiences that I’ve been privileged to be a part of. CTW is more than a team of perky instructors pacing about, ensuring that all the kids have their kits and any additional parts they may require for their exploration into the vast domain of robotics. It’s a family built on the shared, immense interest in science and technology wherein everyone, teachers and students alike, learn from each other’s mistakes and inevitably proceed to sophisticated implementations of complex designs. This family is bound together by a healthy, competitive spirit; be it international robotics Olympiads or FLL competitions, CTW has made its mark on all charts. Indeed, it was more than an honor to be a part of this team/community/family.

For me, robotics served as a medium to implement all the theory I had learnt in the confines of my classroom at school. It was also a means to understand new concepts in science and technology, a field that I intend to explore in college. I participated in the gen II football (robosoccer) category of the IRO and the WRO of 2013, along with Raghav and Aakarsh; the experience was beyond cherishable, to say the least. In the preparatory months before the Olympiad, we spent hours building and programming our striker and goalie robots, overcoming numerous challenges along the way. I found programming fascinating, particularly when it came to the use of the compass and infrared sensors. Both sensor programs were strongly driven by logic and kept us on our toes at all times. With the support of our mentors, the multiple brain-storming sessions and flow charts resulted in two robots worthy of participating in the national robosoccer matches.

Robotics at CTW taught us a lot. Building up team spirit and understanding the importance of back up programs were a few. The most important realization was our motto: ‘Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.’ < included this motto in my Stanford app>.

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