How to choose a program?

custom_smart_phone_categories_12843 (2) “Instead of computers programming children, let children program computers” Dr Seymour Papert in his 1966 book MindStormsWhat are some of my choices? What is the difference between the programs? Which program best suits the need, interest, and aptitude of my child? Is the content repeated in the programs? What exactly will my child on in the program? How will my child benefit from the program? If my child does not have anything to practice at home, how will (s)he remember what they have learned from the classes?

Keeping in mind that CTWorkshop’s trademark learning experience is the hands-on, independent learning component, all programs are created with hands-on learning activity.

Workshop What students learn? How they learn? How they benefit? Take home
Robotics Principles of Physics, understanding of simple machines, forces, Newton’s laws, speed-distance Multiple concept based robot (contsruction & programming) and supplemental challenges Reinforcement of concepts through multiple problem solving Worksheets, where applicable
Maker Research, design, and communication of specific topic ideas Hands-on creation of portions supplemented by digital storytelling Worksheets, optional can buy the locally supplied motors and sensors
Programming Fundamentals, grades 2-6 Pythn Turtle and Scratch Animations, story-telling, and game-building Develop strong logical thinking skills Programs
Problem Solving in Math, grades 2-8 Methods of solving known and unknown problems not found in the typical text book Combination of mathematical manipulatives and problems Develop strong understanding of Mathematics, ace the ASSET, IPM and other exams Worksheets