"The best many not always win, but the best will always linger in the minds of the rest" Coach Brent, South Africa

Facts about Robot Olympiads:

Robot OlympiadsParticipation in the Robot Olympiads is always an exciting thought. Students are attracted by the problem and cannot wait to solve the maze and win. Robot Olympiads is not simply a place your robot and it will run. There are the following distinct characteristics which should be considered before contemplating the competition.

  • The team consists of 2/3 students.
  • Not all students are willing to work the extra time.
  • The program requires dedication and time commitment.
  • Some teams create 42 working robots before the arrive at the winning solution.

If you feel you are ready, come join the elite gang.

Introduction to World Robot Olympiads

Some of our favourite robots from the World Robot Olympiads of the past