Team R Factor, FLL Asia-Pac Invitational, Sydney Australia, 2013, Champions Award

golden_trophy_cup_1716Team: Aakarsh Gupta, Amay Saxena, Armaan Seth, Arvind Ranganathan, Dhanesh Parwani, Shrey Turakhia

  •  First Lego League, Asia-Pac Invitational, Sydney:Champions Award
  • First Lego League, Indian National Championship: Best Robot Design
  • First Lego League, Pune Regional Championship: Best Robot Design

Senior Solutions, The FLL challenge 2012, encouraged us to meet with a senior partner, learn about their life, identify a problem that troubles them, and find an innovative solution.
Ohh, how we were excited to meet with Scott Evans as well.

scottHere we became major buddies of Project Bucaphelus, Lego Toobies, Lego Lords, and team from Egypt.. There were 300 students from 23 countries and 33 teams. Judging sessions were fun, our anxiety soon dissipated as we explained our model and solution cooking alarm system for senior citizens.